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Our home overlooking Lake Travis is magnificent! The home exceeded all of our expectations, including being on-time and on-budget! The quality and attention to detail were unparalleled to other home builders with whom I’ve conducted business. We built this home from afar, which is very difficult; however, you and your team made it easy. In fact, it was a very pleasurable experience.

I also want to commend the leadership and hard work of our builder, Donny Thomas. I have over 12,000 professionals working in my business and I know how hard it is to find outstanding professionals – Donny is one of them! We quickly knew that with Donny we did not need to micro-manage the build and were completely confident in the outcome.

So, this is a thank-you note, for building our dream home, for putting up with occasional customer “comments” and just for helping to make our integration into Austin so enjoyable and memorable.

My wife and I would recommend you and your company to anyone and everyone building a new home in the Austin area.

Frank & Kimberly Brienzi 

Lake Travis 

Austin, TX

Donny Thomas built our family home over a year ago. I am exceptionally pleased with the quality of the finished product. I am very satisfied with the entire process from planning, design and construction to move in and aftercare.

His staff and entire team were very professional, attentive and eager to please during the entire building process.

The finished product represents superior construction practices and tremendous attention to detail. The home was completed over 14 months ago. During the past 14 months several minor issues came up. Donny an team responded with alacrity to any problems we encountered and were quick to get them resolved to our complete satisfaction.

On a 5-star scale, I would say that Donny Thomas definitely merits a 5-star ranking.

Eric & Christal Fitzpatrick 

Lake Austin

Austin, TX

Our experience is that Mr. Thomas is a master builder who has little trouble grasping and understanding what needs to be done and has the sill to oversee whatever work is needed, or do it himself if necessary. We were particularly pleased with his ability to be flexible with our numerous design changes, many of which were improved by his suggestions. The result was a house far better than what was shown in the original architectural plans.

He had a positive spirit while making those changes, which made it pleasant to work with him, and the result is a house with which we, and I thine he, can be proud. One criteria for us was that we wished to have a builder that had a good relationship with the sub-contractors, one that could get the work done with a calm demeanor, without the conflict that we have been part of on other occasions. In my opinion that pays dividends, as those subs seemed to prefer working for Donnie over others which they had to work. If you are looking for a builder that can work with you to create something special, Mr. Thomas should be considered.

Larry & Lori Cochran 

Steiner Ranch

Austin, TX


A note of thanks to Valiant Custom Builders. In short, we love our home! We had our choice of builders and we are so glad we chose your company to build our new home in Austin.

Moving to Austin from Atlanta was a monumental task after having lived there for 17 years. On top of that, we decided to design and build our dream home. Taking on a move and a project of this size had us worried. In our initial meeting you sensed this and moved quickly to help us address our worries. We wanted to incorporate many of the features of our Atlanta home in the new home and despite not yet being chosen as our builder, you flew to Atlanta to see our home and get a better understanding of our preferences so you know exactly what you would be building. NO other builder offered to do this. You helped us navigate the complex permitting process for the City of Austin, still despite not yet being selected as our builder.

Selecting you to build our home was a fairly easy choice. Touring previous homes you had built showed us how talented your team was and of course who could ignore the overwhelming feeling of comfort we had developed with you.

Building a home our size is a big undertaking for anyone and throw in some picky and opinionated owners and you might have recipe for disaster. That was not the case on our home. Donny Thomas was a great builder and held our hand throughout the entire process. When we had questions or concerns you always answered them promptly. You handled the numerous changes we had along the way with flexibility and often offered up great suggestions for items we had not completely thought through. If an item came up that required compromise, you were always willing to sit down with us and come to a reasonable solution. You are a customer focused business that goes above and beyond to deliver a beautiful end product. On top of that, you stand behind your product and have been great about supporting us after we moved in.

We constantly receive compliments on our house from everyone who visits. When asked who our builder was, we are ALWAYS happy to tell them Donny Thomas and Valiant Custom Builders.

Jeff & Ashley Taylor Testimonial

Lake Austin

Austin, TX

Our home overlooking the waterfront of Austin is beautiful and I wanted to take a minute to thank you for all you did to make our dream a reality! From the moment we met Donny Thomas, who was building your amazing project next door to our property, we knew Valiant Custom Builders was the builder for us.

My years of experience has taught me to take notice of not only a meticulously maintained jobsite, but also of a Project Manager so invested in the project he has been assigned to complete. When making such an important investment from many miles away, representation is critical. Donny provided us with all of that and more. His dedication to our satisfaction extended well beyond our move-in date and the attention to detail he provided transformed the project to OUR home. The end result of consistent customer focus provided by your organization is the beautiful place we now proudly call “home.”

The economy of late is tricky and often tough. Surely the building market will go through some ups and downs. I have no doubt Donny Thomas will ride the waves and continue to be successful. Your commitment to customer satisfaction will ensure that result.

Kevin & Jeana Millar
Lake Austin

Austin, TX



Donny Thomas is a top notch builder whom I recommend highly. His professionalism and attention to detail is outstanding. Donny's commitment to the home owner is not over afer the home is completed. He has stood by his work with outstanding service even 2-3 years afer our home was completed.

We have nothing but praise for his whole organization. We would definitely use Donny Thomas again if we were to build another home.

Dr. Edward and Patricia Wade

Lake Travis

Austin, TX

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